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Learn how to care for every type of plants from houseplants to ornamental plants. Bring more pleasure to your gardening life, and improve your garden/home design.

Gifts For Gardeners

20 Cool & Thoughtful Gifts For Gardeners

by Staff on

If you have a gardener to purchase a gift for, you may be struggling for ideas, but in fact, gardeners are typically easy people to buy gifts for if you have a little bit of inspiration. And that’s where we come in!

Hose Timer

5 Best Hose Timers You Can Buy Today

by Staff on

Hose timers automatically switch your garden hose on or off without you having to be present. If you’re looking for a new hose timer, our guide will help you narrow down the best option for your situation.

Humidifiers for grow rooms and grow tents

5 Best Humidifiers For Grow Rooms & Grow Tents

by Staff on

If you have a collection of plants that thrive in high humidity in your grow rooms and tents, you may consider an electric humidifier. To find out which humidifier will work best for your grow space, check out our buying guide and reviews of the top-selling humidifiers available right now.

Parts of a Plant

Parts of a Plant and Their Functions (With Diagram)

by Staff on

While it’s fair to say everyone is familiar with the key parts of a plant, few are equipped with deeper knowledge about a plant’s biology. By learning the functions of each part of a plant, we can better understand a plant's needs and therefore become better at caring for our plants to get the most out of them.