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Gardening Tools

Types of Rakes

15 Different Types of Rakes and Their Uses

by Staff on

If you want to improve your garden soil quality or your lawn aesthetics, rakes can be your best friend. But there are many varieties of rakes with different use purposes. If you’ve ever wondered the type of rake you need in your garden tool collection, this list of different types of rakes and their uses is for you.

Types of Saws

33 Different Types of Saws with Pictures

by Staff on

If you're a homeowner keen on building your own shelves, erecting a garden fence, or pruning your tall trees and shrubs, there will be a few types of saws that can help you out too. Knowing which saw you need might seem like a daunting task, so we've broken down the main types of saws available, how they work, and what they are best used for.

Types of Lawn Mowers

15 Different Types of Lawn Mowers Explained

by Staff on

Lawnmowers are an essential piece of kit for yard maintenance. To learn all about the different types of lawnmowers and which type will be best suited to your yard, your budget, and your specifications, read our comprehensive list of all of the types of lawnmowers available.

Types of Shovels

11 Different Types of Shovels (Anatomy, Uses & Pictures)

by Staff on

There are so many different types of shovels, and choosing the right one for the job can make the difference between a long day of hard labor or a simple and easy task. Shovels are invaluable garden tools, some of which are specifically designed for one job, and some of which are great workhorses that can be used for a whole host of garden activities.

Hose Timer

5 Best Hose Timers You Can Buy Today

by Staff on

Hose timers automatically switch your garden hose on or off without you having to be present. If you’re looking for a new hose timer, our guide will help you narrow down the best option for your situation.

Humidifiers for grow rooms and grow tents

5 Best Humidifiers For Grow Rooms & Grow Tents

by Staff on

If you have a collection of plants that thrive in high humidity in your grow rooms and tents, you may consider an electric humidifier. To find out which humidifier will work best for your grow space, check out our buying guide and reviews of the top-selling humidifiers available right now.