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Free Landscape Design Software Tools

Top 6 Free Landscape Design Software Tools

by Staff on

If you've ever fancied yourself as an amateur landscape designer, or you're thinking about making changes to your yard but are unsure if they are a good idea, getting yourself acquainted with some free landscape design software might be the best thing you do this year. In this article, we'll go into detail the best landscape design programs that are free on the market so that you can do the design job for your garden right away.

Free Garden Planners

11 Free Garden Planners and Programs

by Staff on

An already programmed planner/ app will help gardeners plan the garden - choosing size, shapes, planting schemes, etc. Many of these programs will also include information about the plants, climate charts, and worksheets. There are printable worksheets and layout, or online saving progress/schedule to make it easy for gardeners to follow the plan.

Best Backyard Hammocks

6 Best Backyard Hammocks – Buying Guide & Recommendations

by Staff on

Hammocks are a great way to relax in your backyard and while away the day, or they can be an ideal sleep solution for anyone wanting to improve their sleep quality. There are so many types of hammock available; to learn about the different types and discover which backyard hammock is best for you, read on.

Some decorative garden gnomes in the garden

History Of Garden Gnomes – Origin, Meaning, Uses & Debate

by Staff on

Garden gnomes are among the most common garden decorations in the West. We encounter them nonchalantly scattered across the lawns, in the gardens and yards from North America to Greece. Gnomes are shaped as ornamental figurines of various sizes depicting males of a small, mythological humanoid race that lives underground.

Solar Post Light

6 Best Solar Post Lights To Lighten Your Garden & Fence

by Staff on

Solar post lights create an elegant look around a property, as well as being an intruder deterrent, and help you see around your property at night without a flashlight. We have put together a helpful list of the best solar post lights on the market to guide you to a purchase you won’t regret