What is Vermiculite? What is it used for?
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If you’re looking for an additive to improve the quality of your soil, or even entirely replace the soil, then vermiculite is an attractive option. It is commonly used in soil mixes, as well as by professional gardeners and nursery workers to improve seed germination success and encourage rapid root growth in cuttings.

Grow Light Reflector and Hood
Grow Light Reflectors and Hoods - A Buying Guide
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If you have an indoor garden that doesn’t have a grow light reflector, the chances are that you’re not optimizing your plants’ potential. If this describes your current situation, we'll help you learn about grow light reflectors and opt for the best ones on the market.

An Aquarium and a heater
Top 5 Aquarium Heaters Buying Guide and Reviews
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One of the easiest and most effective methods of warming up the water tank is to heat the water using an aquarium heater directly. In this informative guide, I'll help you go through important details about aquarium heaters and pick the top products on the market.