TDS EC PPM Explained
TDS, EC, and PPM Explained
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As a grower, you have to find the Goldilocks zone of nutrient strength to help your plants grow properly. You'll get to know that growers use TDS, EC, and PPM to measure this. Let's explain what they are, and how they affect your nutrient quality.

Aerogarden Reviews
Miracle Gro Aerogarden Reviews
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How do you know which Aerogarden products are best for you? Well, it is simple really, just check out our AeroGarden Reviews and buyer's guide to know all the important facts about this kit.

Tap Water Hydroponics
Using Tap Water For Hydroponics
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Even tap water that is recognized as safe for drinking contains varying levels of chemicals and dissolved minerals. Is it safe to use this water in hydroponics? Let's answer that question in some detail.