Grow Lights

Grow Light Reflector and Hood
Grow Light Reflectors and Hoods - A Buying Guide
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If you have an indoor garden that doesn’t have a grow light reflector, the chances are that you’re not optimizing your plants’ potential. If this describes your current situation, we'll help you learn about grow light reflectors and opt for the best ones on the market.

Plasma grow light
Plasma Grow Light Guide
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Indoor Horticulturists now have their heads spinning in confusion over the plasma grow light technology. I'm going to giving you a decent grasp about this grow light.

Seedlings under T5 grow lights
What Are The Best T5 Grow Lights For Indoor Growing?
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There are a lot of T5 manufacturers and resellers on the market. So it's a hard decision to make for choosing the best T5 grow lights. However, after doing hours of in-depth research, and discussion with some experienced growers, here are our top choices.