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Grow Lights

Plasma grow light

Plasma Grow Light Guide

by Staff on

Indoor Horticulturists now have their heads spinning in confusion over the plasma grow light technology. I'm going to giving you a decent grasp about this grow light.

LED grow lights

Viparspectra Review – Should You Buy These LED Lights?

by Staff on

Today’s efficient LEDs are a world away from where growers were fifty years ago around the time that HID grow lights really took off. It’s hard to believe now that the intense heat producing MH lights were once considered “cutting edge.” These days, it's not costly to own an efficient LED grow light system to light up your indoor grow spaces. Of them, you must have heard the Viparspectra lights, the popular efficient yet affordable LED products.

Seedlings under T5 grow lights

What Are The Best T5 Grow Lights For Indoor Growing?

by Staff on

There are a lot of T5 manufacturers and resellers on the market. So it's a hard decision to make for choosing the best T5 grow lights. However, after doing hours of in-depth research, and discussion with some experienced growers, here are our top choices.