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3 in 10 Americans have intimate relationships with their plants 

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A recent survey found that nearly 50% of Americans talk to their plants and trees. Most of us know people who refer to themselves as ‘plant mom’s’ or ‘plant dad’s,’ but are these titles more than just cute or humorous for some? Have people formed intimate relationships with the plants and trees they own? To get a deeper understanding of the relationships Americans have with their greenery, in October, surveyed 1,200 Americans who own at least one tree or plant.


What is Vermiculite? What is it used for?

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If you’re looking for an additive to improve the quality of your soil, or even entirely replace the soil, then vermiculite is an attractive option. It is commonly used in soil mixes, as well as by professional gardeners and nursery workers to improve seed germination success and encourage rapid root growth in cuttings.