Locust Trees
8 Different Types of Locust Trees & Their Uses
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Locusts are part of the pea family, Fabaceae, and can take the form of both trees and shrubs. They are all native to regions across North America, where they have since been cultivated for multiple reasons, including for use as hedging or erosion control.

Unripe Pecan Nut
Pecan Trees Buying & Growing Guide
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If you want a plentiful harvest, make sure to water the pecan tree abundantly in well-draining soil. You may also want to add zinc each year, depending on your soil composition.

Olive tree
Olive Trees Buying & Growing Guide
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Olive Trees can grow in a variety of climates, but if you want them to bear fruit, make sure to keep outside in a moderate climate with plenty of water. Here we'll discover more about how to take care of this popular tree for its maximum growing potential as ornamental trees as well as for fruit production.

Pomegranate Tree
Sweet Pomegranate Trees Buying & Growing Guide
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Pomegranate trees are usually fairly small and can be grown as either a tree or a shrub depending on how you choose to prune and train it. Pomegranate trees are also an ideal choice of tree to create a vibrant flowering hedge, as they can become quite dense when grown alongside each other.

Persimmon in fall
Persimmon Trees Buying & Growing Guide
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Persimmon fruits ripen on the tree in fall, providing a source of food throughout the winter. There are two main types of American persimmon tree, which produce either astringent or non-astringent fruits.

Apricot Tree
Apricot Trees Buying & Growing Guide
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Apricot trees are small trees that grow well in warm climates, but most are also cold hardy, making them suitable for growing in most western regions. They yield fuzzy-skinned peachy-orange colored stone fruits, which are sweet and juicy.

Lime Tree
Lime Trees Buying & Growing Guide
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If you’re a fan of fresh limes, why not try growing your own lime tree? Be careful, though, as they can only survive in temperatures above 50º F, so you’ll need to grow them inside or at least bring them inside when the temperatures drop.

Crabapples - all you need to know
Crabapple Trees Buying & Growing Guide
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Crabapple Trees are typically grown for their ornamental value, as well as the fragrance they give off in a garden. Little thought is given to the fruit. However, Crabapples are edible, and there are many ways you can utilize the fruit from this beautiful tree. In this article, we'll learn everything about it.

Bonsai Tree Care
Bonsai Trees Buying & Growing Guide
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Bonsai trees are a favorite houseplant of people who like to prune them into artistic shapes. Here are our in-depth tips on how to grow and care for the bonsai trees the right way.

Hibiscus in a pot
Tropical Hibiscus Buying & Growing Guide
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Hibiscus plants are usually grown for the mass of beautiful large flowers they produce in an array of visually striking colors. This vibrant tropical plant can be grown as a tree or shrub and can be grown directly in the ground or in a container pot.