Arbequina Olive Tree
Arbequina Olive Trees Buying & Growing Guide
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Arbequina is an extremely long-lived olive tree that originates in the Mediterrenean. With its evergreen foliage and quick growth habit, this olive tree can easily be grown in the backyard or in a container.

Fast Growing Trees
11 Fast Growing Trees - Growing Tips + Photos
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Fast-growing trees are effective for quickly transforming the look of a garden or providing shade in a short space of time. This useful guide details the care conditions and benefits of some of the fastest-growing trees available.

Thuja Green Giant Care Guide
Thuja Green Giant - Growing and Care Guide
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The Thuja Green Giant is one of the fastest growing trees of its size. If you want to create a privacy screen or hedge in your garden in a relatively short space of time, then this is the tree to select, as it can grow in height by between three and five feet each year.

Avocado Tree
Avocado Trees Buying & Growing Guide
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Growing avocados as houseplants or outdoors is a fun way of enjoying the beauty of these trees. But if you’re after their fruit, you’ll be waiting for a long time - Unless you move yourself to a warmer climate! With enough patience though, your avocado seedling will eventually turn into shiny, oval leaves before it’s ready for potting.

Sakura Tree Care Guide
Cherry Blossom Trees Buying & Growing Guide
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Sakura trees are small deciduous trees that are native to various parts of Asia, though most Sakura trees hail from Japan. These are beautiful trees that flower heavily with showy blooms in early or mid-spring. They bloom before the foliage has had a chance to arrive, and therefore give a very dramatic floral display of white or pink blossoms clustered on bare branches.

Weeping Cherry Trees
Weeping Cherry Trees Buying & Growing Guide
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Weeping cherry trees are a popular addition to any landscape. They add a touch of elegance, with their graceful arching branches that hold attention through every season. These trees are deciduous but offer attractive silhouettes even when their branches are bare.

Types of Pine Trees
Pine Trees Buying & Growing Guide
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Pine trees are evergreen conifers that are native to most of the Northern Hemisphere. They can take the shape of shrubs, and small, medium, or large trees. They can be distinguished from other conifers as their needles grow in small bundles, and they produce attractive seed cones that can persist for many years. They tend to grow easily and can adapt to a wide range of soils, needing little to no maintenance.

Types of Evergreen Trees
Evergreen Trees Buying & Growing Guide
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Evergreen trees are popular among gardeners as they don't lose their leaves and therefore offer greenery and interest in the garden even during winter when deciduous trees have bare branches. The name 'evergreen' comes from the fact that these trees retain their foliage all year round and therefore appear to always be green.

Types of Spruce Trees
Spruce Trees Buying & Growing Guide
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Spruce trees, though many of them reach great heights in their native habitats, can make excellent backyard trees. Many cultivars exist that produce small to medium-sized trees that would be suitable for growing even in compact gardens. To learn about some of the most common types of spruce trees and their care requirements, read on.

Types of Apple Trees
Apple Trees Buying & Growing Guide
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Apple trees are very rewarding to grow at home. They are a beautiful ornamental tree, especially when in bloom and also produce bountiful harvests of edible fruits. Here you can learn about some of the best types of apple trees to grow in your home garden, which climates they are most suited to, and what their care requirements are.

Types of Dogwood Trees
Dogwood Trees Buying & Growing Guide
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Dogwood plants are highly ornamental and can typically be grown as both trees and shrubs. They often feature attractive foliage, showy flower panicles, pretty fruits, and brightly colored stems, retaining interest all year round.