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Gold Mop Cypress for Sale - Buying & Growing Guide

  • Gold Mop Cypress
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Chamaecyparis pisifera 'Golden Mop'
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When it comes to small ornamental evergreen shrubs, there are few species that can match the gold mop cypress. This cultivated variety, known botanically as Chamaecyparis pisifera 'Golden Mop,' is as regal as its name suggests. This plant has thin, thread-like foliage that holds a consistent golden-green color. The gold mop cypress also grows to only about 5 feet tall at most, making it suitable for in-ground and container planting settings. You'll also have the chance to prune this plant into the shape you prefer, to ensure it matches your garden style. 

  • The golden evergreen foliage has a slight drooping effect.
  • The small size allows for container planting.
  • It can develop into several different shapes depending on pruning.

Plant Care



This cypress grows best in sunny locations but can tolerate a bit of shade.



Water enough to maintain consistent soil moisture while not overwatering.



Feed with a balanced fertilizer a few times throughout the growing season.

Planting and Care

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by John Haryasz | Horticulture Writer and Landscape Designer – last update on July 19, 2022

Planting instructions

The gold mop cypress will grow in partial shade but tends to thrive more in areas that receive full sunlight, about six hours of light per day or more. The soil in which this plant grows should be moist but have good drainage as well. Often, loamy soils provide the best conditions for this plant’s roots. Since this species is on the smaller side, you’ll also have the option of growing it directly in the ground or growing it in a garden container.

Watering and nutrients

Providing the correct amount of water for a gold mop cypress can be a bit challenging at times. You should not allow the soil in which these plants grow to dry out, nor should you allow the soils to become waterlogged. Instead, you should maintain consistent soil moisture at all times for this plant. This often amounts to watering a few times per week during the growing season. You can also fertilize your gold mop cypress about three to four times per year. Use a balanced fertilizer or one that is rich in nitrogen.


Pollination is not a topic that you should spend a lot of time considering when growing a gold mop cypress. These plants do not provide an edible harvest, and their flowers and fruits hold little to no visual appeal. In fact, you may not notice the flowers at all. They tend to be quite small and serve no role other than allowing for pollination. When pollination is successful, this plant will produce small cones that are equally lacking in ornamental qualities.


When caring for a gold mop cypress, you should conduct your pruning in the late winter or early spring, just before the plant enters its active growing stage. Typically, these plants respond well to pruning and shaping, which allows you to create different shapes as you please. You should also use your pruning cuts to take away any part of the plant that shows signs of disease or significant damage. Use clean pruning shears to limit the risk of spreading disease to this plant — always a wise decision.

Pests, diseases, and animals

The gold mop cypress shrub has great pest and disease resistance, which is also the case for its parent species. This lack of insect and infection issues makes this plant quite easy to care for if you know how to meet its basic needs. However, the gold mop cypress is not entirely immune to these issues. For instance, this plant may face occasional complications related to blight and root rot. The latter condition is most common after overwatering this plant.

Achieving maximum results

If you want your gold mop cypress to remain healthy and grow its best, you should avoid planting it in soils that contain lime. Lime soils don’t allow this plant to absorb the nutrients it needs, which leads to stunted growth. On the positive side, the gold mop cypress proves to be more adaptable to warm-weather climates than many other ornamental evergreens. This plant can grow well as far south as hardiness zone 8 or 9 while also surviving as far north as zone 4.


Is the gold mop cypress a fast-growing plant?

The gold mop cypress is not a fast-growing plant by any measure. Instead, this plant does not even achieve a medium growth rate. In a typical growing season, the gold mop cypress will add only an inch or two of new growth. This slow growth continues until the plant reaches its mature size of just under 5 feet tall at maximum.

Does the gold mop cypress have extensive roots?

Gold mop cypress shrubs do not have extensive root systems. This lack of extensive roots makes the gold mop cypress an ideal foundation planting option as it poses little to no risk to your home's foundation. The non-invasive roots of this plant also allow for easy transplantation, meaning you'll have the chance to move your plant if you find that it has not adapted well to its original growing location.

Why is it called a gold mop cypress?

The common name gold mop cypress is a reference to this plant's foliage. The leaves of this cultivated variety have a distinct golden-green color. They are also thin with a drooping quality that is similar to that of a common mop. While this name and description may not sound impressive on paper, the reality is that the gold mop cypress is one of the most attractive small evergreens you can grow.

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Gold Mop Cypress

Chamaecyparis pisifera 'Golden Mop'
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