Marigold Flowers Buying & Growing Guide

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Marigold in a pot

Marigolds are among the most popular flowers you can plant in your garden, and they are easy to grow and care for. Depending on which variety you choose, the familiar red, orange, and yellow blooms will continue from late spring till the end of the fall season. They can be sown from seed or purchased at a garden center as a live plant. Marigolds also help protect other plants from harmful bugs, and their dried petals can benefit neighboring plants when incorporated in the soil. Here are some other notable facts about marigolds:

  • Annuals that need to be planted each year.
  • Come in a range of sizes, from the French dwarf varieties to the taller African marigolds whose blooms can grow to six inches across.
  • Heat- and drought-resistant as well as disease- and pest-resistant.

Marigold Flowers for Sale

Marigolds Flower Overview

Quick Facts

OriginNorth and South America
Scientific NameTagetes
TypeHerbaceous annual or perennial plant
Common NamesMarigold
Height6 to 25 inches
ToxicityMildly toxic
LightFull sun
WateringMaintain moist, well-draining soil