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Feelin' Blue® Deodar Cedar for Sale - Buying & Growing Guide

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Cedrus deodara 'Feelin' Blue'

The Feelin' Blue® Deodar Cedar, also known as the Cedrus deodara 'Feelin' Blue,' is one of the most interesting small evergreen plants that you can own. The main feature of this plant is its foliage, which holds a distinct blue hue and creates an interesting textural effect. The naturally weeping growth habit of this plant only adds to its unique character. On top of that, the Feelin' Blue® Deodar Cedar is also quite easy to care for and has an impressive ability to fight off pest infestations. 

  • The Feelin' Blue® Deodar Cedar has a unique weeping growth habit. 
  • The foliage of this plant creates an impressive texture. 
  • The Feelin' Blue® Deodar Cedar has great pest resistance.
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Plant Care



You should plant your Feelin' Blue® Deodar Cedar in a full-sun location.



The Feelin' Blue® Deodar Cedar has low water needs overall. Supply water during long heatwaves and droughts.



Apply a balanced fertilizer once per year in spring or once every other year.

Planting and Care

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by John Haryasz | Horticulture Writer and Landscape Designer – last update on November 17, 2022

Planting instructions

You should plant your Feelin’ Blue® Deodar Cedar in a location that receives six hours of direct sunlight a day or more. Since this plant is on the smaller side, you can grow it in a container or directly in the ground. If you choose to use a container, select one that is considerably wider than the plant’s root ball and has great drainage. If you plant your Feelin’ Blue® Deodar Cedar in the ground, begin by digging a hole that is as deep as the root ball is tall and about twice as wide.

Watering and nutrients

The water and fertilization needs of the Feelin’ Blue® Deodar Cedar are minimal. Once this plant has established itself in a new growing location, it won’t need water except during prolonged heatwaves and droughts. You can feed your Feelin’ Blue® Deodar Cedar with a balanced fertilizer, such as a 10-10-10. However, you do not need to feed this plant every year. Instead, the Feelin’ Blue® Deodar Cedar will do just fine when it receives fertilizer once every other year.


The Feelin’ Blue® Deodar Cedar is a self-fertile plant, which means that it carries both male and female reproductive structures on a single plant. This presence of both male and female structures makes it possible for the Feelin’ Blue® Deodar Cedar to pollinate itself. The pollination process begins when the male cones of this plant open to release their pollen. The pollen then travels through the air via wind currents to the female cones. After the pollen reaches the female cones, the female cones begin to develop a seed.


In most cases, the Feelin’ Blue® Deodar Cedar will need very little pruning throughout its life. The main reason for this is that this plant develops an attractive weeping form without the need for specific shaping. As is always the case, it is wise to prune out any branches that are dead, damaged or diseased. At times, you may also need to thin the foliage of this plant so that it does not appear too overgrown. However, the Feelin’ Blue® Deodar Cedar does not have a rapid growth rate, so this issue rarely arises.

Pests, diseases, and animals

The Feelin’ Blue® Deodar Cedar is an incredibly convenient and easy-to-care-for plant that needs very little water, fertilizer and pruning. Along with those advantages, this plant also has fantastic pest resistance. The reason for this excellent pest resistance is that the Feelin’ Blue® Deodar Cedar secretes a specific type of oil that gives off a distinct scent. That scent is incredibly effective for deterring insects from infesting your plant. This plant often has great disease resistance too.

Achieving maximum results

The Feelin’ Blue® Deodar Cedar is a low-growing plant that can act as the perfect ground cover in nearly any garden planting scheme. However, there are several other looks that you can pull off with this plant. For instance, the texture of the Feelin’ Blue® Deodar Cedar is the perfect addition to most rock gardens and stone retaining walls. It is also possible to develop your Feelin’ Blue® Deodar Cedar into a small tree-like form by staking it at a young age.


What does the name “Feelin' Blue® Deodar Cedar” mean?

The first part of the Feelin' Blue® Deodar Cedar's common name is a reference to this plant's foliage. It has a distinct blue shade that makes it stand out from most other evergreens. The second part of the common name indicates that this plant belongs to the Deodar cedar plant group. The term, “Deodar” translates to, “the timber of the gods” in the Sanskrit language.

How large does the Feelin' Blue® Deodar Cedar grow?

The mature size of your Feelin' Blue® Deodar Cedar will depend on how you grow it. At most, this plant can reach about five feet tall and about 10 feet wide. This size is most common if you choose to grow your Feelin' Blue® Deodar Cedar with a more tree-like form. However, if you grow the Feelin' Blue® Deodar Cedar as a groundcover, it will rarely reach that same size. Also, plants that grow in containers will likely be a bit smaller as well.

Where can the Feelin' Blue® Deodar Cedar survive?

The Feelin' Blue® Deodar Cedar survives throughout hardiness zones six through nine, which means that it is hardy down to about 0 degrees Fahrenheit. This hardiness allows the Feelin' Blue® Deodar Cedar to survive year-round throughout the South, West and parts of the northeastern United States. However, those living in colder areas can attempt to overwinter this plant to keep it alive.

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Feelin' Blue® Deodar Cedar

Cedrus deodara 'Feelin' Blue'
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