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Vanderwolf's Pyramid Limber Pine for Sale - Buying & Growing Guide

  • Vanderwolf's Pyramid Limber Pine
  • Vanderwolf's Pyramid Limber Pine 2
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Pinus flexilis 'Vanderwolf's Pyramid'

The Vanderwolf's Pyramid Limber Pine is far more than a standard evergreen tree. On the contrary, this cultivated plant is not only effective for creating wind screening and privacy hedges, but it is also more attractive than most other needled evergreens. The main source of that beauty is the Vanderwolf's Pyramid Limber Pine's twisted needles that hold a vibrant blue-green color. This plant, Pinus flexilis 'Vanderwolf's Pyramid,' also has a lovely pyramidal form and adapts well to many planting locations without the need for fertilization. 

  • The needles of this tree are twisted with a blue-green color. 
  • The Vanderwolf's Pyramid Limber Pine has a neat pyramidal form. 
  • This plant is fast-growing and can provide great privacy.
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Plant Care



You can grow a Vanderwolf's Pyramid Limber Pine in either full sunlight or partial shade.



Water this plant weekly during establishment. After establishment, water during heatwaves and droughts.



The Vanderwolf's Pyramid Limber Pine is a naturally fast-growing tree that does not require regular fertilization.

Planting and Care

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by John Haryasz | Horticulture Writer and Landscape Designer – last update on December 16, 2022

Planting instructions

Finding a planting location for your Vanderwolf’s Pyramid Limber Pine should be easy to do. For instance, this plant can grow in either full sunlight or partial shade settings. The Vanderwolf’s Pyramid Limber Pine can also adapt to different soil types but prefers soils that are moist and well-draining. To plant your Vanderwolf’s Pyramid Limber Pine, begin by digging a hole that is as deep as the root ball is tall and at least twice as wide. Backfill the hole while watering, then cover the area with a layer of mulch.

Watering and nutrients

During the first growing season after planting your Vanderwolf’s Pyramid Limber Pine, you should provide water about once per week. After this plant has established itself in its new growing location, it will need much less water. Generally, you’ll only need to water a Vanderwolf’s Pyramid Limber Pine during heatwaves and droughts. The Vanderwolf’s Pyramid Limber Pine also has no need for regular fertilization, as it will grow quickly and healthily on its own in most cases.


The Vanderwolf’s Pyramid Limber Pine is a monoecious plant, which means that it holds both male and female reproductive structures on the same plant. This feature allows a single Vanderwolf’s Pyramid Limber Pine to pollinate itself. Pollination typically occurs during the middle of summer when the male cones open and release their pollen into the air. Shortly after the male cones open, the female cones will open to receive the pollen. However, pollination is rarely a concern for those who grow this plant.


Fortunately, the Vanderwolf’s Pyramid Limber Pine is a plant that does not require much pruning to look great and remain healthy. In nearly all scenarios, this tree will develop an attractive pyramidal form without the need for pruning and shaping. However, it remains beneficial to lightly prune this plant on occasion to remove any branch that is dead, damaged or diseased. You can perform light pruning during any time of year, but anything beyond light pruning should take place during the spring.

Pests, diseases, and animals

Part of the reason why the Vanderwolf’s Pyramid Limber Pine is so easy to care for is that this plant has excellent pest and disease resistance. Even the parent species of this cultivar is also relatively resistant to such issues, with white pine blister rust being one of the few complications to arise with relatively high frequency. The Vanderwolf’s Pyramid Limber Pine is even more resistant to infections and diseases and will likely remain healthy throughout its entire life.

Achieving maximum results

The Vanderwolf’s Pyramid Limber Pine is quite easy to take care of and is quite adaptable as well. That adaptability includes resistance to drought, admirable cold hardiness and the ability to grow on rocky and sloped planting areas. The resilience of this plant allows it to provide a dense set of evergreen foliage wherever it grows. At times, gardeners seek to make this plant’s foliage even denser by pinching off some of its buds during youth, which encourages bushier growth.


How fast does the Vanderwolf's Pyramid Limber Pine grow?

Part of the reason that the Vanderwolf's Pyramid Limber Pine is an excellent plant for privacy is that it grows very quickly. At times, this plant can add more than two feet of new growth in a single growing season. Ultimately, this fast growth allows the Vanderwolf's Pyramid Limber Pine to reach its mature size of 20 to 30 feet tall in a relatively short time frame.

What is the parent species of the Vanderwolf's Pyramid Limber Pine?

The parent species of the Vanderwolf's Pyramid Limber Pine is a plant known simply as the “Limber Pine” or Pinus flexilis. The original Limber Pine grows to be about 30 to 50 feet tall and shares foliage that is similar to that of the Vanderwolf's Pyramid Limber Pine. The Limber Pine has given way to several different cultivars, many of which have become quite popular in the nursery trade.

What is the best spacing for the Vanderwolf's Pyramid Limber Pine?

When planting a Vanderwolf's Pyramid Limber Pine, you should anticipate the fact that this plant will grow and expand faster than most other plants in your garden. As such, it is crucial to give this plant the space it needs. At maturity, this tree will have a width of about 10 to 15 feet wide. Generally, providing at least 10 feet of space in all directions should give your Vanderwolf's Pyramid Limber Pine plenty of room to develop.

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Vanderwolf's Pyramid Limber Pine

Pinus flexilis 'Vanderwolf's Pyramid'
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