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Sunshine Ligustrum Shrub for Sale - Buying & Growing Guide

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Ligustrum sinense
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Sunshine ligustrum, Ligustrum sinense 'Sunshine', is a type of privet that has a very useful superpower: brilliant chartreuse-yellow foliage that brings out the color of other plants and shrubs beautifully, while providing an eye-catching focal point of its own. The Sunshine ligustrum can be used in any way that you might consider using a privet — as a hedge, an edging plant, a filler, or on its own. Unlike other privets, however, it is not invasive and as a sterile cultivar, doesn't fill the air with pollen in spring. Here are a few more reasons to consider this lovely bush for your garden:

  • Foliage is evergreen and looks great against winter snowscapes.
  • Drought-resistant and tolerant of heat; able to grow throughout the southern U.S.
  • Flourishes in any well-draining soil, from clay to sand.

Plant Care



The Sunshine ligustrum shrub does well in partial shade to full sun — four or more hours of direct light a day.



Water frequently when newly planted. Water mature shrubs if the soil 2 inches from the surface is dry.



Use a slow-release, balanced fertilizer; applying a light, half-strength dose in early spring.

Planting and Care

Author Image
by Mary Van Keuren | Gardener (30+ Years Experience) – last update on April 26, 2022

Planting instructions

Site your Sunshine ligustrum where it will get four or more hours of sun daily, in soil that drains well. These bushes are not picky about the type of soil they grow in as long as they are not sitting in water. Unpot the bush and tease out any encircling roots, which can girdle the tree and kill it slowly. Dig a hole that’s as deep as the root ball and twice as wide. Place the bush in the hole, and fill in around it with good quality topsoil. Water thoroughly. Add a 2- to 3-inch layer of an organic mulch, such as bark chips, around the root zone, being careful that it does not touch the trunk itself.

Watering and nutrients

Water newly planted bushes every few days, allowing the water to seep into the soil around the root zone. Once you see robust new growth on the plant, you can cut back watering to once a week. After the first year, give your shrub a drink if the soil 2 inches below the surface is dry or in times of extreme heat. Fertilize with a slow-release, organic fertilizer in a balanced formula that is designed for landscape trees and bushes. Fertilize in early spring, after your last frost.


The Chinese privet, Ligustrum sinense, is often considered an invasive plant because it spreads its seeds freely. But the Sunshine cultivar is an exception: Since it is sterile, there are no seeds to disperse, and the plant does not engage in the pollination efforts of most plants. This also makes it an excellent choice for gardeners with allergies, since it does not emit pollen.


Much of the pruning of your Sunshine ligustrum shrub is optional. You can leave the bush to grow to its natural softly-rounded shape, or you can shape it into a more formal, topiary-like form by pruning it in early spring. The choice is yours, although it’s worth noting that you will see more vivid color on the new growth of unpruned shrubs.

Pests and diseases

Pests that may bother your Sunshine ligustrum include scale insects, aphids, spider mites, and nematodes. All are common garden pests and can be controlled by introducing predatory insects such as parasitic wasps and ladybugs into your garden. Several fungal diseases, including powdery mildew and honey fungus, can attack ligustrums. Remove diseased branches and dispose of them. A copper fungicide may help, as can avoiding overhead watering.

Achieving maximum results

The Sunshine ligustrum can be grown outside in USDA hardiness zones 6 to 10. That means they are well-suited to the southern U.S. as well as the Pacific Northwest. If you live in New England or the upper Midwest, however, you can still enjoy this vibrant bush by growing it in a container that you bring indoors in the winter. Sunshine Ligustrum is hardy down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit, so in a mild winter, you may be able to leave it on your patio, covering it with a blanket during cold nights. If you do bring it inside, place it near a sunny window and monitor it for dry soil, since it may need more water than it would when outside. Wipe down the leaves with a damp cloth every few weeks to keep the dust off and help deter insects, and turn the container occasionally so the sun reaches all parts of the plant.


How big does a Sunshine ligustrum shrub get?

Sunshine Ligustrum is a petite, well-mannered bush that reaches 3-6 feet, making it the perfect height for a privacy fence or short windbreak. If left unpruned, it will form a dense mass that is as wide as it is tall. Container-grown ligustrums can, however, be pruned to a smaller profile to fit in the corner of a patio or other space.

What are some good ways of using Sunshine ligustrum in the garden?

In addition to using it as a hedge or windbreak, the Sunshine ligustrum is flexible enough to take on other roles. Consider planting a loosely-arranged threesome on either side of your front entrance, for example. Or plant one in a large container with purple basil and 'Orange Rocket' barberry. Pruning your ligustrum into a sphere, pyramid, or even a single-trunked, small tree allows it to stand as a specimen plant in the center of a formal garden.

Will my Sunshine ligustrum grow in shade?

This amiable shrub will grow in most settings, but the less light it gets, the less vivid color you will see in the leaves. A shrub grown in more shade than sun may end up looking more like a standard, green-leaved privet without the tones of yellow and lime that light up the cultivar when grown with significant sunlight.

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Mature height
3-4 ft.
Mature width
3-4 ft.
Sunlight requirement
Full Sun
Growth rate
Botanical name
Ligustrum sinense
Shipping exclusions
Grows Well In Zones
Growing Zones: 6-10 i Growing zones help determine if a particular plant is likely to grow well in a location. It identifies the average annual minimum winter temperatures across the U.S. provided as a map by the USDA.
(hardy down to -10°F)

Sunshine Ligustrum Shrub

Ligustrum sinense
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