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Redpointe Maple for Sale - Buying & Growing Guide

  • Redpointe Maple
  • Redpointe Maple
  • Redpointe Maple
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Acer rubrum 'Frank Jr.' PP16769
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It is easy to see why the redpointe maple tree, or Acer rubrum 'Frank Jr.' PP16769, is such a sought-after maple variety. Just take a look at this tree during fall, and you are sure to be impressed by its vibrant red foliage. However, fall color is not all that the redpointe maple can provide. This cultivar also has a neat pyramidal shape and bright red stems that allow this plant to be visually appealing even during the dead of winter. This species also proves to be easy to care for, with minimal need for protection against pests and diseases. 

  • It offers fantastic red fall color.
  • The bright red stems provide winter interest.
  • It has excellent disease-resistance.

Plant Care



The redpointe maple grows in both full sunlight and partial shade.



Water deeply about once per week or once every other week.



Apply a nitrogen-rich fertilizer once per year during the early spring.

Planting and Care

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by John Haryasz | Horticulture Writer and Landscape Designer – last update on September 7, 2022

Planting instructions

The redpointe maple tree tends to grow best in areas that receive full sunlight. However, this plant can survive in partial shade too. As long as the soil in your growing location has good drainage, your redpointe maple should adapt well. To plant this tree, start by digging a hole that is as deep as the root ball is tall and at least twice as wide. Backfill the hole while watering your tree, then finish the process by layering organic mulch over the soil to suppress weeds and maintain soil moisture.

Watering and nutrients

Your redpointe maple tree will need plenty of water throughout its entire life. Even when mature, you should give this plant a deep watering every week or every other week, especially during the hottest months of the year. You should also maintain a regular feeding schedule for this plant to encourage the healthiest growth. The best way to fertilize is to apply a nitrogen-rich fertilizer or a balanced all-purpose fertilizer once per year during the early spring.


Like many maple trees, the redpointe maple tree holds an advantage over other tree species when it comes to pollination. Rather than relying on wind or pollinators exclusively, the redpointe maple tree can use both means to spread its pollen. Redpointe maple trees are also self-fertile, meaning that a single tree can produce fruits. When pollination is successful, this tree produces sets of winged samara as its fruits, which often flutter to the ground in a graceful manner.


Since maple trees tend to produce a lot of sap during the early spring, you should avoid pruning your redpointe maple tree at that time. Pruning too early can cause this tree to bleed sap, which is a detriment to its health. Instead, you should time your pruning for late spring or early summer. Your priority when pruning should be to remove any dead, broken, or diseased limb. You should also thin the canopy to encourage airflow and make pruning cuts that support this plant’s overall form and structure.

Pests, diseases, and animals

The red maple, which is the parent species of the redpointe maple tree, can contract several diseases and run into issues with insect pests. Those problems commonly include leaf spots, wilt, powdery mildew, and blight. However, the redpointe maple tree is a cultivar that was bred to have excellent pest and disease resistance. While it remains possible for this plant to encounter an infestation or an infection, the threat of those problems is quite low, meaning that your redpointe maple tree will likely stay healthy throughout its life.

Achieving maximum results

You are not likely to run into many issues when growing a redpointe maple tree, as these trees are adaptable and easy to maintain. With that said, spacing is important for this tree. It can grow to be quite large, about 40 feet tall or more, which means you should anticipate that mature size while planting. Thankfully, this tree’s root system is quite shallow, which gives you the opportunity to transplant it if you find that your original growing location is not suitable.


How was the redpointe maple tree cultivated?

The J. Frank Schmidt nursery was responsible for the original cultivation of the redpointe maple tree. This cultivar arose via a cross between the parent species, red maple, and the Autumn blaze maple. This cross gave the redpointe maple tree a lovely fall color and an impressive growth rate. The redpointe maple also features a neat, pyramidal form that requires little to no shaping to look great.

Is the redpointe maple tree a fast-growing tree?

The redpointe maple tree is a fast-growing tree, even compared to other red maples, which generally prove to be fast growers. When in the right growing conditions, a redpointe maple tree can add about one to two feet of new growth in a single season. This rapid growth rate amounts to a mature size of more than 40 feet tall with a spread that is just a bit smaller at about 30 feet wide.

Is the redpointe maple tree a messy tree?

The redpointe maple tree is overall an easy plant to care for. However, it may also force you to do a bit more cleanup than you'd have to do with other trees. Each year, the redpointe maple tree will produce flowers, deciduous leaves, and winged samara fruits. All of those structures will eventually fall to the ground, at which point you'll need to use your rake to keep your yard tidy. With that said, the redpointe maple is not considerably messier than most other deciduous trees.

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45 ft.
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30 ft.
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Full Sun
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Acer rubrum 'Frank Jr.' PP16769
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Redpointe Maple

Acer rubrum 'Frank Jr.' PP16769
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