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Goldspire Ginkgo Tree for Sale - Buying & Growing Guide

  • Goldspire Ginkgo leaves
  • Goldspire Ginkgo dreen leaves
  • Goldspire Ginkgo Tree
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Ginkgo biloba 'Goldspire'

Ginkgo trees are known for their fan-shaped leaves, which are unlike those of any other tree and take on a captivating bright yellow shade in the fall. The variety known as the Goldspire ginkgo tree, or Ginkgo biloba 'Goldspire,' is especially beautiful; it has a neater and more narrow shape than standard ginkgo trees. Similarly, while many ginkgos grow to a massive size, the Goldspire ginkgo remains manageable for the average garden at a maximum height of around 15 feet and a significantly smaller spread. 

  • Fantastic foliage with fan shape and bright yellow fall color.
  • Sharp and narrow growth habit.
  • Manageable mature size.
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Plant Care



Both full sunlight and partial sunlight will work for this tree.



Supply water regularly after planting. Mature trees need minimal supplemental water.



Use a balanced fertilizer in the early spring after the first few years of growth.

Planting and Care

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by John Haryasz | Horticulture Writer and Landscape Designer – last update on April 12, 2022

Planting instructions

Generally, you can plant a Goldspire ginkgo tree the same way you would any other woody shrub or tree. Begin with a hole that is considerably wider than the root ball of the tree and slightly less deep than the root ball is tall. Place the tree in the hole, ensuring that the trunk is straight, then backfill the hole with a mixture of native soil and organic matter. Providing water and nutrient-rich materials like compost will be enough to get this tree off to the right start.

Watering and nutrients

When a Goldspire ginkgo tree is young, it will need water more frequently than at other periods of its life. Young trees should receive water a few times a week, depending on the local soil conditions. During these early stages of the tree’s life, you can refrain from fertilizing as well. When your Goldspire ginkgo tree shows a few years of continued healthy growth, you can reduce your watering and begin adding fertilization to your maintenance routine. Established Goldspire ginkgo trees will tolerate dry soil and grow well with a single application of balanced fertilizer in the early spring.


In order for pollination to occur, pollen must travel from a male ginkgo tree to a female ginkgo tree. Ginkgo trees usually rely on wind currents to complete this process. However, ginkgo trees often take several years, if not decades, to reach reproductive age. Also, the Goldspire ginkgo is an exclusively male variety, meaning that it will never bear seeds. This trait is surprisingly one of the most popular for this plant because many find the seeds of female ginkgo trees to have a repugnant smell.


Pruning should occur when the Goldspire ginkgo tree is in its dormant phase. Any time during late fall, winter, and early spring will generally be an acceptable time to make pruning cuts. As is often the case, your pruning goals should include the removal of dead or declining branches. You should also respect that ginkgo trees rely on a primary central leader, which develops into the main trunk. As such, you should never cut this part of the tree.

Pest, diseases, and animals

The Goldspire ginkgo tree can be susceptible to some pest and disease issues. But with that said, this tree does not come with a long list of infestation, bacterial, and fungal threats. Instead, the Goldspire ginkgo tree is mainly at risk of developing a root disorder. At times, nematodes may begin to affect this tree, which can lead to more severe issues. Goldspire ginkgo trees can also experience root rot, especially if you make the mistake of overwatering it.

Achieving maximum results

Since root rot is one of the few concerning afflictions that can befall a Goldspire ginkgo tree, you should pay close attention to the soil in which your tree grows. Selecting an area that has soil with excellent drainage from the beginning is a fantastic way to ensure that waterlogging and root rot don’t arise. You should also make use of the versatility of this plant in the landscape. While it serves as a great specimen tree, it can also work well when you incorporate it into a hedge.


Are ginkgo trees messy?

Ginkgo trees have a reputation for being messy trees. But this distinction requires some clarification. There are both male and female ginkgo trees, and the latter is responsible for making the unwanted messes that so many people wish to avoid. The seeds that a female ginkgo tree produces are not only numerous but also give off an unpleasant odor. By contrast, male ginkgo trees do not produce fruit or any foul odors.

How large does a Goldspire ginkgo tree grow?

A standard ginkgo tree will grow to become a majestic and incredibly large shade tree. At times, they can reach more than 80 feet in height at maturity. However, the Goldspire ginkgo tree variety is not like other ginkgos when it comes to size. This variety is much smaller and grows to be just about 15 feet tall with a spread that is likely 10 feet or less.

How long do ginkgo trees live?

One of the most impressive characteristics of ginkgo trees is their long lifespan. When a ginkgo tree grows in an area that has the right conditions, it can live for several hundred years. Sometimes, a ginkgo tree will live to be more than a thousand years old. But this long life span may not be true for all cultivated varieties of the ginkgo tree that are common in the nursery trade.

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5-6 ft.
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Botanical name
Ginkgo biloba 'Goldspire'
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Goldspire Ginkgo Tree

Ginkgo biloba 'Goldspire'
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