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Japanese Flowers for Sale - Buying & Growing Guide

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Japanese Flowers for Sale – Buying & Growing Guide

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by Staff – last update on December 6, 2021

Beautiful flowers come from all parts of the world. However, there is a particularly high volume of these plants that come from Japan. Native Japanese flowers come in a great variety of species, colors, and shapes. If you live in a climate similar to Japan, consider adding these plants to your garden.

How to Plant and Grow Flowers

The best way to plant and grow flowers depends on the type of plant you are working with. Native Japanese flowering plants could be shrubs, trees, or perennials.

When planting woody plants, such as shrubs and trees, it is important to get your planting hole right. This hole must be as deep as the root ball is tall and must be wide enough to accommodate a spreading root system.

Planting perennials is a bit easier. The dimensions of your hole do not need to be as wide as they would be for a wood plant. But it is important to loosen your perennial’s root ball before planting to encourage the roots to spread. You should also check the proper spacing for your perennials so that each one has enough room to spread without competing with nearby plants for soil nutrients.

After planting your flowering plants, you’ll want to take up a care routine that will encourage flowering. In most cases, for Japanese flowering plants, you should remove flowers once they fade to promote future blooms. Finding the ideal fertilizer blend and application schedule will also be incredibly helpful.