Cherry Blossom Trees Buying & Growing Guide

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Sakura Tree Care Guide

Cherry blossom trees, also called ornamental cherries or flowering cherry trees, come in a number of different varieties. All need significant light: either full or partial sun (at least four hours a day), and a location that drains well and isn’t open to hard winds. Keep reading to learn more about how you can grow a beautiful cherry tree that blossoms again year after year.

Cherry Blossom Trees for Sale

Cherry Blossom Tree Overview

Quick Facts

Origin Japan, China, Korea
Family Rosaceae
Scientific Name Prunus serrulata
Type Flowering deciduous tree
Common Names Japanese cherry tree, Sakura tree, East Asian cherry tree, Oriental cherry tree, Hill cherry tree
Height Up to 40 feet tall
Light Full sun to partial shade
Watering Average moisture needs
Toxicity Toxic to pets and livestock
Pests Leaf-mining moths and caterpillars