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Laurel Flowers for Sale - Buying & Growing Guide

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Laurel Flowers for Sale – Buying & Growing Guide

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by Staff – last update on December 6, 2021

Laurel shrubs are attractive evergreen shrubs with dark green, glossy, leaves that add heft and gravitas to your landscaping. Some of them, such as the mountain laurel, also reward the gardener with spectacular blooms. Explore the different types of laurel shrubs and find the right one to add to your garden.

How to Plant Laurel Shrubs

Although different varieties of laurel shrubs have planting requirements, most of them like a respite from the hot sun, so site your bush where it will have some shade, especially if you are in a warmer southern climate. Laurels are tolerant of many soil types, but you will get the best results if you site your bush in soil that drains well and is augmented with organic matter.

Another consideration is how close together to plant your laurel bushes. Although some may get as large as 20 feet or more, they can be pruned generously so they do not overwhelm your landscaping. With careful management, you can plant them closer together than would otherwise be possible.

How to Grow Laurel Shrubs

  • When. Laurel bushes are best planted in early fall, at least four weeks before your first anticipated frost.
  • Where. Most laurels do best in partial shade, in a spot that drains well, with room for the bush to grow to its mature size.
  • How. Unpot your laurel bush and tease out any encircling roots. Dig a hole that is twice as wide and just as deep as the root ball. Place the plant in the hole, and backfill with soil that has been mixed with well-rotted manure or compost. Tamp down the soil and water thoroughly. An organic mulch placed around but not touching the trunk will minimize the need for watering.

How to Care for Laurel Shrubs

  • Watering and nutrients. During the growing season, your laurel shrub will need about an inch of water a week. If you do not get adequate rain, give it a good drink from the hose, directing water to the root zone. In spring, apply the recommended dose of 10-10-10 slow-release fertilizer around the base of the bush and water it in.
  • Pruning. Remove dead or damaged branches and leaves when you see them. Prune to control the size and shape of the shrub after it is finished flowering in the spring.
  • Pollination. Laurels are primarily pollinated by insects, which spread the pollen from flower to flower. This results in berries that are often toxic to humans, although birds love them.