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Types of Basil
10 Different Types of Basil - Pictures, Care & Use Tips
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Basil is an aromatic herb that is popularly cultivated for culinary uses. There are many different types of basil available that vary in taste and can add a wide variety of complex flavors to Mediterranean style or Oriental dishes.

Types of Hedges & Hedge Plants
7 Best Plants For Hedges (Pictures & Growing Information)
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You might want to create a hedge in your garden or around your property for a whole host of reasons. Hedges create a definitive boundary around your property, like a fence, but with the added bonus of attractive foliage, and maybe flowers. It creates privacy to prevent outsiders from being able to see into your garden or your home, and could also be used to deter intruders if you select a hedge with spikes or spines.

Types of Broccoli
5 Amazing Types of Broccoli You Can Grow In Your Garden Today
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Broccoli is a plant that produces vegetables and is part of the Brassica family, which also includes cabbage and cauliflower. They are a cool climate crop and are easy to grow. Discover the different types of broccoli you could grow in your garden.

Types of Pear Trees
Different Types of Pear Trees with Pictures
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Pear trees are rewarding to grow, as many types can produce delicious fruits, and they have an ornamental beauty all year round. They look luscious in spring when they are in full bloom, then have a fresh appeal during summer when they are densely packed with vibrant green leaves

Types of Strawberries
Different Types of Strawberries (Pictures & Care Instructions)
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Strawberry plants are small perennials, which can grow in mounds or sprawl across the ground to be used as ground cover. They produce edible strawberries and are most commonly cultivated for these delicious fruits.

Types of Lawn Sprinklers
8 Different Types of Lawn Sprinklers Explained (with Pictures)
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Lawn sprinklers provide an efficient and easy solution for keeping your lawn watered and healthy during dry months, without you having to stand out in your yard manually spraying a hose around the property. There are many different types of lawn sprinklers available, and the one most suitable for your property and situation will be dependent on many variables.

Types of Rakes
15 Different Types of Rakes and Their Uses
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If you want to improve your garden soil quality or your lawn aesthetics, rakes can be your best friend. But there are many varieties of rakes with different use purposes. If you’ve ever wondered the type of rake you need in your garden tool collection, this list of different types of rakes and their uses is for you.

Types of Oregano
7 Popular Types of Oregano That You Can Grow
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This perennial herb is cultivated for both culinary and ornamental uses. It thrives in hot climates and has a good tolerance of drought, making it very low maintenance and easy to care for. In warmer climates, it can be evergreen all year round, or in cooler regions can be grown as an annual plant. Read on to discover the many different types of this aromatic plant.

Types of Cherry Trees
Cherry Trees for Sale - Where to buy, Care Instructions, & Pictures
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We tell you the best places to buy a cherry tree and how to care for your cherry tree once you get it to achieve maximum results!

Types of Watermelon
11 Different Types of Watermelon with Care Guides
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Watermelons are a delicious fruit that is refreshing and sweet and are perfect to be enjoyed ice cold on a hot summer day. These fruits grow on vines, and they require four months of consistently warm weather to thrive. Fortunately, though, they can be grown in most USDA hardiness zones, as cooler regions can start seedlings inside before the weather is hot enough to move them outside.

Types of Echeveria
10 Super Easy Types of Echeveria That You'll Love
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Echeveria are evergreen succulents that thrive in hot and dry climates or can be grown as houseplants. They are native to Mexico and Central and South America and are available in a wide selection of varieties and cultivars. All echeveria produce fleshy foliage in a rosette form, though their leaf color and shape can vary dramatically between types. They are easy to care for, and many produce attractive flowers. This list comprises some of the best types of echeveria.

Types of Garlic
11 Different Types of (Hardness & Softness) Garlic That You Can Grow
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Garlic is a bulbous perennial that belongs to the onion family. The bulbs are very flavorsome and are a common ingredient in cooking. They are easy plants to grow at home, requiring little maintenance and being adaptable to a wide variety of climates. There are hundreds of varieties of garlic, but they can all be categorized into two main groups; hardneck and softneck. From here, these groups can further be broken down into eleven types of garlic.