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Best Christmas Tree
14 Best Artificial Christmas Trees 2020 - Best Fake Christmas Trees
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We reviewed more than 75 different artificial trees in order to find the ones that are the most realistic, durable, and user-friendly.

Willow Hybrid
Willow Hybrid - Growing and Care Guide
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Willow hybrid trees are one of the fastest-growing trees in the world. They typically gain between six and ten feet in height each year, though, in ideal conditions, this can increase to as much as 20 feet each year. They have many excellent qualities that make them easy to grow in a wide range of situations.

Fruit Harvest Guide
Fruit Harvest Guide - Our Best Tips
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Harvesting fresh fruit that you have grown yourself is one of the most rewarding parts of gardening. There is an uncomplicated joy in tasting fruit picked straight from the tree or gathering a plate of produce to feed your family. But knowing when to harvest your fruits is key if you’re going to enjoy them in their best condition.

White Bark Trees
11 Popular White Bark Trees with Pictures
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Trees with white bark add an extra dimension of interest to a garden and remain visually compelling even if the tree is deciduous and, therefore, bare throughout winter.These are some of the best and most popular white bark trees.

Monkey Puzzle Tree
Monkey Puzzle Tree - Growing & Care Information
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Looking for an unusual-looking, interesting conifer tree for your backyard? Then how about the monkey puzzle tree! Also called the Chile Pine, this evergreen tree has been around for millions of years (yes, since the dinosaur times!).

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree
Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree - Optimal Growing and Care Tips
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The fiddle leaf fig tree features heavily-veined, oval-shaped leaves that grow upright. These tropical plants thrive in very warm and humid conditions, but growing them at home can be somewhat challenging. The good news is, these plants are very hardy by nature and can withstand less-than-ideal conditions for quite a long time.

Outdoor Bamboo Plants
10 Outdoor Bamboo Plants You Can Grow In The Garden
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Bamboo is a nice evergreen subfamily of treelike grasses. They are fast-growing and highly-resistant to any kind of weather though full sun fits them best. These plants are more vibrant and grow much faster outdoors. If you're looking for some outdoor bamboo plants for your garden, this is the guide you need.

Kwanzan Cherry Tree
Kwanzan Cherry Tree - A Beginner's Care & Growing Guide
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Also known as the Japanese flowering cherry or Kanzan, the Kwanzan cherry tree is a fruitless and sterile plant that boasts stunning beauty. Thanks to the minimal care requirements of this tree, it is well worth planting in any garden. These cherry trees feature deep and dramatic pink double blossoms with rich red-copper leaves emerging in fall

Double Knockout Rose
Double Knockout Rose - Varieties, Care & Planting Information
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Roses have long been a popular plant because of their pleasant fragrance and romantic-looking blossoms. One variety that looks a lot like the classic rose but is much easier to grow and care for is the Double Knockout Rose. This shrub rose variety is called a Double Knockout because it truly is a knockout flower! With its doubling petals and self-cleaning properties, it’s no wonder so many gardeners prefer growing the Double Knockout rose for fuller bloom.

Privacy Trees
11 Privacy Trees with Pictures & Care Guide
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If you're looking for solutions to create private space for your home, choosing trees that can block sights, noise is a great idea. These privacy trees have certain traits that make them ideally suited for creating privacy in the garden.

Banana Tree Care
How to Grow and Care For Banana Tree
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When we dream of the tropics or rainforests, lots of banana trees pop to mind. But did you know that bananas don’t actually grow on trees? Some people may refer to them as palm trees, but in actual fact, banana plants are large perennial herbs. In this article, we’ve covered all the facts about banana trees, with some great tips on how to grow and care for these beautiful plants.

Fig Tree Care
Fig Tree - Growing, Care and Harvesting Guide
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Figs are sweet and tasty fruits that thrive in warmer climates. These fruit trees are incredibly easy to grow and care for as they’ll happily thrive in both containers or ground.