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Mini Succulents
Mini House Plants for Sale
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Mini succulents have seen a rapid rise in popularity over the last few years, for a whole host of reasons. Houseplant popularity, in general, has been growing, and succulents offer a good option for anyone who likes the look of houseplants but isn't very good at providing continual care, as these types of plants typically thrive on neglect.

Purple Succulents
Purple House Plants for Sale
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Succulents have the benefit of producing a range of interesting colored foliage, which is a great way to brighten up your garden or home all year round, without relying on flowers blooming. Some of the most striking succulents have purple leaves, and these can vary from pale, dusky lilacs, through to deep and dark plum shades that verge on black. This list encompasses some of the best purple succulents for growing indoors and outdoors.

Bird of Paradise
Bird Of Paradise for Sale
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The bird of paradise plant is an evergreen perennial that takes the shape of clump-forming large gray-green foliage. The plant has no stem or trunk, and the leaves appear directly out of the ground. The leaves themselves are stunning and closely resemble those of the banana plant, which is a cousin of the bird of paradise plant.

 Indoor Hanging Plants
Indoor Hanging Plants for Sale
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Ever wonder how to give a green vibe, even in the crowded space with little light of your home? That's when hanging plants come in place. In this article, we'll go into some of the best hanging plants you can grow indoors - all with detailed care tips and photos.

Perennial Flowers
Perennial Flowers for Sale
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If you love the look of flowers in your garden but don't have the time to be re-planting annuals every spring, then perennial flowering plants offer the perfect solution. Once planted, they will continue to come back each year, producing heaps of flowers to bring color and life to your yard. If treated correctly, these plants will grow in size over time and reward you with even more beautiful plants to admire.

Japanese Flowers
Japanese Flowers for Sale
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If you're looking for some flowers to brighten up your Japanese style garden, then consider those flowering plants that are native to Japan. There are many beautiful flowers that grow in the wild in Japan and other parts of Asia that are well suited to cultivation in home gardens.

Medicinal Plants
Medicinal Plants for Sale
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If you have a health condition, it might be second nature to run to the pharmacy or your medicine cabinet, but maybe turning to actual nature could be an easier, less expensive, and healthier option. There are many plants that are easy to grow at home that are renowned for their medicinal properties and numerous health benefits. Growing plants as an alternative medicine can both save you money and also limit the number of unnecessary chemicals you are putting into your body.

Mexican Flowers
Mexican Flowers for Sale
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Mexico has a diverse landscape that is home to a wide range of native plants. Many flowering plants from Mexico have a tropical or exotic look and can bring vibrancy to the home garden. The climate in Mexico tends to be quite hot and dry, so Mexican flowers thrive in similar climates to this, however many Mexican flowers can be grown as annuals in cooler climates. This list details some of the most interesting Mexican flowers that also grow well outside of their native habitat.

State Flowers
State Flowers for Sale
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Flowers add colors and vibrancy to your home & garden. They tell something about your persona. And did you know that every major state had an official flowers that represent them. This could be either by its history, environment, characteristics.

Dwarf Shrubs
Dwarf Shrubs for Sale
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Having a small space doesn't mean you have to miss out on some of the best shrubs to grow, as many types of shrubs have dwarf varieties available so that you can enjoy their best qualities without having the worry that they will take over your space. This list comprises some of the most interesting types of dwarf shrubs that are ideal for filling small gaps in your garden or using as features in a compact yard.