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Mimosa pudica
Mimosa Pudica - How to Care For The Sensitive Plant
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This plant is popularly kept as a houseplant, but it can also be grown outside as annuals or evergreen perennials. It is commonly referred to as the sensitive plant because the leaves fold in on themselves in response to touch. Find out about how to care for this interesting plant

Fuchsia Plant
Fuchsia Plant Buying & Growing Guide
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Fuchsia plants create beautiful two-toned draping flowers that last from spring through fall, but they need to be well-taken care. We'll go into more details about how to grow this stunning plant properly below. Read more about how to take of this stunning plant

Pentas lanceolata
Pentas Plants Buying & Growing Guide
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Pentas plant is fairly easy to take care of as you long as you water it regularly and take it inside during cold winters. When given enough sunlight, Pentas will produce beautiful flowers of various shades in a star-shaped pattern.