Bottlebrush Tree
Bottlebrush Buying & Growing Guide
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The bottlebrush tree, despite its name, is actually a shrub. It is most often grown as a large shrub or shaped into a small tree with particular pruning. This is our detailed care guide.

Hoya Plant in pot
Hoya Heart Plants Buying & Growing Guide
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The Hoya plant, in its many varieties, is a tropical evergreen, perfect for indoor life. Though tropical, be careful not to overwater it. In this article, we'll go in-depth about how to care it and discover some of its varieties.

mandevilla plant in a box
Mandevilla Vines Buying & Growing Guide
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The Mandevilla Vine is a versatile plant that can be kept as a houseplant but is more commonly seen climbing up pergolas, along trellises or fences, or flowing out of hanging baskets.