Outdoor Bamboo Plants
10 Outdoor Bamboo Plants You Can Grow In The Garden
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Bamboo is a nice evergreen subfamily of treelike grasses. They are fast-growing and highly-resistant to any kind of weather though full sun fits them best. These plants are more vibrant and grow much faster outdoors. If you're looking for some outdoor bamboo plants for your garden, this is the guide you need.

Kwanzan Cherry Tree
Kwanzan Cherry Tree - A Beginner's Care & Growing Guide
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Also known as the Japanese flowering cherry or Kanzan, the Kwanzan cherry tree is a fruitless and sterile plant that boasts stunning beauty. Thanks to the minimal care requirements of this tree, it is well worth planting in any garden. These cherry trees feature deep and dramatic pink double blossoms with rich red-copper leaves emerging in fall

Double Knockout Rose
Double Knockout Rose - Varieties, Care & Planting Information
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Roses have long been a popular plant because of their pleasant fragrance and romantic-looking blossoms. One variety that looks a lot like the classic rose but is much easier to grow and care for is the Double Knockout Rose. This shrub rose variety is called a Double Knockout because it truly is a knockout flower! With its doubling petals and self-cleaning properties, it’s no wonder so many gardeners prefer growing the Double Knockout rose for fuller bloom.

Privacy Trees
11 Privacy Trees with Pictures & Care Guide
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If you're looking for solutions to create private space for your home, choosing trees that can block sights, noise is a great idea. These privacy trees have certain traits that make them ideally suited for creating privacy in the garden.

Crepe Myrtle Pruning - Why, When, and How to do It
Crepe Myrtle Pruning - Why, When, and How to do It
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If you have already got a crepe myrtle taking up too much space in your yard, then pruning might be necessary for your situation. The trend to drastically cut back a crepe myrtle by entirely lopping off the upper section led to the coining of the term 'crepe murder,’ which refers to the way many people find the winter stumps of crepe myrtle to be unattractive. '

Fast Growing Trees
11 Fast Growing Trees - Growing Tips + Photos
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Fast-growing trees are effective for quickly transforming the look of a garden or providing shade in a short space of time. This useful guide details the care conditions and benefits of some of the fastest-growing trees available.

Thuja Green Giant Care Guide
Thuja Green Giant - Growing and Care Guide
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The Thuja Green Giant is one of the fastest growing trees of its size. If you want to create a privacy screen or hedge in your garden in a relatively short space of time, then this is the tree to select, as it can grow in height by between three and five feet each year.

Avocado Tree
How to Grow and Care For Avocado Trees
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Growing avocados as houseplants or outdoors is a fun way of enjoying the beauty of these trees. But if you’re after their fruit, you’ll be waiting for a long time - Unless you move yourself to a warmer climate! With enough patience though, your avocado seedling will eventually turn into shiny, oval leaves before it’s ready for potting.

Sakura Tree Care Guide
Cherry Blossom Trees for Sale
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Sakura trees are small deciduous trees that are native to various parts of Asia, though most Sakura trees hail from Japan. These are beautiful trees that flower heavily with showy blooms in early or mid-spring. They bloom before the foliage has had a chance to arrive, and therefore give a very dramatic floral display of white or pink blossoms clustered on bare branches.