Common Type of Insects
17 Common Types of Insects (Found Around the Home and Garden)
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Home gardens are a haven for many species of insects. Although some are beneficial, many insects present a frustrating problem by feeding on plants that you have spent plenty of time cultivating and caring. Houseplant owners may also find themselves hosting unwelcome insects inside their homes, which can be a nuisance as well as a health concern.

13 Simple Treehouse Ideas You Can Build For Your Kids This Weekend (Easy to Expert Levels)
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Ah, a treehouse. Is there anything that symbolizes the joy, freedom, and magic of childhood better than this iconic structure? It brings kids and adults closer together and closer to nature. Over time, with the ever-increasing interest and the better accessibility of power-tools, treehouses have evolved form simple tree decks to elaborate, two-story buildings with many creative solutions.

Hose Timer
5 Best Hose Timers You Can Buy Today
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Hose timers automatically switch your garden hose on or off without you having to be present. If you’re looking for a new hose timer, our guide will help you narrow down the best option for your situation.

Small Greenhouse Kit
5 Best Small Greenhouse Kits - Buyer's Guide & Reviews
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A greenhouse is a brilliant addition to a garden as a place where you can get a head start on sowing seeds, seedlings, and small plants, as well as an ideal place to propagate new plants and overwinter more tender plants. For the keen gardener, a greenhouse is essential.

Humidifiers for grow rooms and grow tents
5 Best Humidifiers For Grow Rooms & Grow Tents
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If you have a collection of plants that thrive in high humidity in your grow rooms and tents, you may consider an electric humidifier. To find out which humidifier will work best for your grow space, check out our buying guide and reviews of the top-selling humidifiers available right now.

Solar Post Light
6 Best Solar Post Lights To Lighten Your Garden & Fence
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Solar post lights create an elegant look around a property, as well as being an intruder deterrent, and help you see around your property at night without a flashlight. We have put together a helpful list of the best solar post lights on the market to guide you to a purchase you won’t regret